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On this page I put Info on the two leads; our hero, Syaoran Li, and our heroine; Sakura Kinomoto.

This picture is thanks to SLG, a great CCS site

Sakura Kinomoto ('heroine') : name means 'Cherry Blossom'

Sakura is our carefree heroine. She is fun loving and brings a smile to everyones face. She likes GYM and music at school but she hates maths.
She became an unlikely Cardcaptor in the 1st episode; Sakura and The Mysterious Book. She has captured many cards with her faithfull side-kick, Kero, her documenter/costume designer/all-time best friend Tomoyo and then later (in the 8th Japanese episode) with her rival/ally Syaoran Li.
At the begining of the series we see that Sakura has a majour crush on her brothers best friend, Yukito. Don't think this is weird! He may be way older than her my our standards but not by Japanese, ok?? To each his own I say, pressing on ...
Sakura, being so innocent and naive, the good before the bad. She trusts people immidately and can come accross as a bit dense, but as the series progress, we see, and so does she, that her powers are growing and she trusts her intuition better.

This is another image from SLG. a great site and really nice too

Syaoran Li ('hero') : name means 'Little Wolf'

Syaoran Li is our relucant hero. He arrives straight away in the American verison Cardcaptors, but doesn't come in until the 8th episode in CCS.
          Syaoran moved from Hong Kong to capture the cards. He, and his family, belive it is they're shared destiny to weild the cards, as they are direct decendants of Clow Reed; the creator of the cards.
When he arrives, he threatens Sakura and refuses to accpect that she may be just as good as he is. This can be notably seen in the episode with The Erase Card.
But when Syaoran's interfering cousin (and fiancè; by parential consent of course), Meilin comes, he starts to help Sakura capture the cards, instead of always putting her down.
Later, we see that Syaoran starts blushing alot around Sakura and there is a deffinate hint of a crush going on. ^_^

If you have a site dedicated to one or more of the aboved characters, I would be more than happy to put it here for people to see.

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